Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Highlight: Garlic Scapes

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A tall, spindling shoot growing from the midst of the garlic leaves and curling around it self near the top, a garlic scape is the flowering stem of hard neck garlic. The scapes are removed to redirect the plants energy towards growing the garlic bulb, instead of new seed. Crisp and refreshing, the scape brings a slightly milder garlic flavor than the garlic bulb still growing beneath the soil.

Here are a few garlic scape recipes:

What are your plans for enjoying your garlic scapes?


  1. I made the garlic scape pesto dip this weekend. I altered it a bit by using traditional pine nuts, instead of walnuts suggested by the recipe. I also found that it was too garlicky with the proportions that the recipe called, but I added some extra nuts, lemon, and salt and it turned out fantastic. I served it with pita chips at a get-together this weekend and it was all gone! Despite having never heard of garlic scapes before, I am now a convert and a big fan!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Pine nuts sound good - I had been using almonds since that's what I had on hand. I haven't tried it as a dip/spread yet, but that sounds like a tasty way to enjoy it.

  2. I sauted garlic scapes with pea shoots last night. Added kosher salt, pepper and olive oil. Then we grilled shrimp and served it over the greens. It turned out great!

  3. It sounds delicious, Nicole!
    Thanks for sharing, we'll have to get that a try!