Friday, July 15, 2011

Harvesting Time for a CSA Delivery

 After a winter of growing produce in the greenhouse, it is almost completely empty. A row of tomatoes stretches down the left side of it. Now the majority of the action has been transferred out to the field, so why don't you come along with the crew as they harvest vegetables for a CSA delivery.

Jonathan and Timothy start out with buckets in hand. There is a lot of produce to be picked today!

Picking sugar peas.... 

The Peas

Philip F. picks....

...and bunches the kale.

Ready to go back to the wash station to be cleaned and packed.

The long rows of tomato plants are looking great.

Green tomatoes, the promise of things to come.

Swiss Chard adds a splash of color to the field.

As do the red, golden, and candy cane beets.



The rack is full of produce that has been washed and is now ready to be packed.

Once the produce has been harvested and washed, the CSA bags are lined up and filled. We work down the lines dividing between the full and half shares.

A beautiful basket of colorful extras.

Well, that's all  for now, folks. We hope you enjoyed your visit! Come back again.

~ Abigail
(Jonathan's sister)