Monday, December 5, 2011

Picking Produce this Fall

It's been a long summer! Fall and winter are finally here, which thankfully means a slower and more flexible schedule. So I thought I'd share some photos of us harvesting produce in mid-September and a photo of our two, adorable children.
All is calm and peaceful in the morning mist as we arrive at the field...

...and head out to start picking.

Pea Shoots

Swiss Chard


The wagon's filled with the first load of vegetables. "Take it to the wash area, boys!"

Beans are one thing that's quite easy to wash - dump them in the tub of water, check for spotted ones, and put them back in the crate.

To prepare Swiss Chard, we wash, bunch, and trim is before putting it in the cooler or sending it directly with the CSA.

Now it's bean picking time, which will probably take 4 people 4-5 hours twice a week to do.

I'm doing my part!

The sweet potatoes are the next thing on the list to pick.

Dig them out with a garden fork, knock the dirt off, and take them to be washed.

The harvest was very good this year for them.

But now... My biggest treasures - Elise (18 months) and Jon David (6 months)! It's so precious to have them, especially at times like this when Elise is "reading" the Bible to her younger brother.

Hope you're having a wonderful fall!