Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pork and Vegetables are Growing Well!

. This year, we decided to add hogs back into our operation, and we have really enjoyed it! During Jonathan's first year of farming, he raised pigs, chickens, beef and produce. But over the next several years we decided it would be better to try and focus on produce growing - until this past spring.

Lazy days - the pigs are hot!

We've fed a lot of scrap produce to the pigs this year, which they love.

The pigs live in a three sided barn, receiving plenty of fresh air
and sunshine through the open side of the barn.  

We've been sending the hogs to the processor recently, so we now have a large supply of great tasting pork for sale - sausage, bacon, chops, shoulder roast, spare ribs and more. Check out our price and availability list by clicking here if you will pick up in Wayne and here for Lititz.

Transplanting! My brothers Samuel, Noah, and Timothy love helping Jon in the field.
You may recall us using the lettuce planter earlier this year. It is a wonderful labor and time saving device.

Red leaf lettuce growing in double sided plastic - black on the underside and white on top. This is to help reflect the heat and keep the lettuce from becoming bitter and bolting (seeding), since lettuce is a cool weather crop and can't take the summer heat.

The broccoli is doing okay this year. They' producing smaller heads than hoped for but hopefully you'll all get a taste of it.

Pepper plants.

The tomato plants are blooming and have a few green tomatoes now.

There's a lot of produce to pick! I guess I'd better get picking....

... and pulling weeds.

But after awhile, I need something to eat - one of the first carrots out of the patch will do!

We have had a lot of garlic scapes coming in this year.

Before we give the salad mix, we wash and spin it dry.

Some of our field hands who do a lot of work on the farm. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be able to operate our farm.  


  1. Love all the photos! Very excited for our Boston Butt shoulder roast!

  2. I've heard that broccoli actually does better if you plant it later (so it produces in the fall).