Saturday, May 8, 2010

Planting Strawberries

Hello Everyone,
Sorry it's been so long since we've posted last. During the last two weeks, the conditions have been right, and it seems as if the garden has just exploded with growth and jobs to be done. We've been starting to put in some pretty full days!

It's only a little over two weeks until the CSA begins!
The first pick-up day for Wayne is Tuesday, May 25th, and the first day for Lititz is Saturday, May 29th.

Also, our open house is only two weeks away, on Saturday, May 22nd!
We're planning a great time for you all and really hope everyone can come. I'll be sending you more info about it soon.

Enjoy the photos!

My dear wife, Monique, wanted to help in the field. So she came over a couple times recently to help, even though she's pregnant with our first baby, due June 15th! I really appreciate her!

We decided to plant some of our own strawberries this year.

The normal life of a strawberry plant is as follows:
Year 1 - Plant the "crowns", but don't get any fruit
Year 2 - Plants bare fruit very abundantly
Year 3 - Plants bare fine, but not quite as much as previous year
Year 4 - (Option 1) Plants bare okay, but not as productive as previous year, or (option 2) are tilled under and new ones are planted

There's a lot to be put in the ground - 1,000 to be exact.

We use a handy, little tool to make the holes in the plastic, and it's a huge help.

It seems like most of the rows in our garden are so long!

The don't look like much now, but they'll grow into nice, producing plants.

Our official farm/delivery van! We just got the graphics put on it. (The two small stickers are for Buy Fresh Buy Local  and

Hope to see you in to 2-3 weeks from now!
~ Jonathan


  1. It's been fun keeping up with your progress. I hope the strawberries work out for you. They should be interesting!:-) May the Lord bless you with a profitable year.

  2. I love reading the updates and our family is looking forward to visiting the farm soon.