Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Effects of a Late Frost

"By the breath of God the frost is given. . . "
Job 37:10

This past weekend we had two late frosts. The garden took a bit of a beating as you can see by the dead, frost bitten leaves, but the Lord was gracious and sustained the crops.

Even in the midst of the dead foliage signs
of life are evident in the new leaves of this bean plant.

The tomatoes also withstood the frost;
you can see the damage in the leaves.

The potatoes are also recovering, praise the Lord.

One of the challenges of farming is the fact that you cannot control the weather, you can try to plan for it and make what preparations you can but after that, it's in the hands of Providence and truly, there are no better hands for it to be in.

~Monique Einwechter

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