Monday, July 16, 2012

Our New Baby!

Saturday morning, my faithful wife gave birth to our 3rd child - a big boy! He weighed 9 lbs, and was 21 inches long. We named him Titus Dietrich Einwechter - Titus after the faithful servent of the Lord in the Bible, and Dietrich after Dietrich Bonhoeffer who refused to yield to the Nazi governments intrusion into the churches true doctrine during World War 2.  
May little Titus live up to his name by God's grace!


  1. He's BEAUTIFUL, Monique! We are praising the Lord with you!!

    Much love to you and your sweet family!
    The Parishes

  2. Congratulations Jonathan and Monique! I love the name! Looks like you've got another farmer on your hands : )

  3. Congratulations!