Friday, September 9, 2011

It's a Flood!

I'd call this a true flood! In a short period of time, we received over 11" of rain, which caused many streams and rivers to swell tremendously and become very dangerous and damaging. In our area at least 2 people have been killed, hundreds of houses filled with feet of water, cars washed away, etc. It's actually been larger than Hurricane Agnes back in '72.
This is the road I normally take to the field. Impassable? I think so! Actually, a chunk of the pavement was washed away.

That fence isn't holding any animals in!
This wasn't supposed to be hydroponic corn... Amazing how rain can change things.

You can see how high the water level was by where the debris are on the fence.

My irrigation pump was used all night to pump 3 feet of water out of the basement of the house across the water - not it's usual job!

We're taking the high ground!

The water was all the way up to the mark of brown junk.

I store my irrigation pump in here normally, but I had to rescue it by walking through knee-high water!
The water washed some gullies in the field which should be filled in to avoid the plastic blowing away.

Swiss Chard
The beans and peas (for pea shoots)
Over all the garden didn't suffer much, just here and there wash outs and standing water.

But life must go on, according to Mrs. Hen. We lost two days worth of work in the field because of the water, but we're planning to go back out at lunchtime today (Friday).

We're very thankful to the Lord for keeping us safe and only having minimal damage. It was pretty crazy trying to get anywhere because nearly every road around our house was blocked. Now many of those road blocks are removed, the creeks are going down, and things are drying off a bit. So as long as we don't get much more rain we should be okay.

What an adventure!
~ Jonathan

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