Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heat, Drought, Rain, Independence Day, Etc.

So what should we tell everyone about, Elise? So much has been going on here since I've last posted, part of the reason why it's been a long time. Well, one thing that's been taking our time has been you, little girl, but we like giving you time. Other things we've been doing are harvesting garlic, making up our seed order for fall lettuce, broccoli, etc., and all the day-to-day work of running a farm - picking, weeding, mowing, irrigating.... So, Elise, let's give everyone a few photos to look at, so they can see a little what it's like around here.

For a period of 3 or 4 weeks, we didn't get any rain, except for 1.5 inches that mostly ran off. (We've been bless a lot more, though, than some other farmers who haven't had a measurable rain for a month.) Last week (7th & 8th), I got my irrigation system up and running. The dryness didn't effect all the crops, like potatoes, much because they're almost full grown, but other crops, like cucumbers, are greatly effected by lack of water. Things were really dry here, but...

...the Lord decided to give us rain, and He did so in abundance! Since Thursday, we've gotten close to 4 inches!

Patriotic red, white, and blue potatoes to celebrate July 4th with

We went to a gathering, some friends in Shippensburg hosted, on Monday, July 5th. Part of the event was a pie contest that I was selected a judge for, not a job I minded!

It was hard though selecting which one was the best; they were all good! It was an interesting experience. 

Life's been busy here! And the big question is: Who tired who out?

The Jonathan Einwechter Family

Thanks again for supporting our family by being part of our CSA! More than we can put into words, we appreciate it because it's giving us the ability to experience our dream - farming full-time for the glory of God.

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  1. LOL, such a classic shot of Elise & Monique! :)