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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

As a CSA participant you will receive a weekly share of mid Octoberfresh, vine-ripened, seasonal vegetables for a 22-week period, beginning end of May and ending mid-October. Being part of our CSA is being part our farm. So this means if we have a great week/year with a bumper crop you’ll receive more, but if there’s a drought or insect problem and the crop is down, you’ll receive less produce. We’re all sharing the benefits and risk together!

We grow a wide selection of over 25 fresh, tasty vegetables - ranging from tomatoes, lettuce, and onions to cucumbers, garlic, and radishes.
God made each vegetable in its own, special way - some thrive best in cool weather, some prefer hot weather - thus making the vegetable selection unique to each season.
 Click here to view our list of anticipated vegetable season, though timing of harvest does vary, depending on factors outside our control.

Why aren’t there any greens in the summer? Some plants, like lettuce, spinach, and broccoli, grow best in the spring and fall when the weather is cool and cannot grow under normal circumstances during the summer because it’s too hot. That’s why there are no greens, except maybe Swiss Chard, during the summer.

The amount in each box will differ from week to week, depending on what produce is in season. A full share is designed for a family of 2 adults and 2 children, and a half share is designed for 2 adults. However, this may vary based on the frequency and amount of vegetables you eat (i.e. a half share will not be enough for a couple who eats primarily vegetairian). Below are two examples of what might be in a full share during the months of June and August.

June: 1.5 qts. new potatoes, 1 bunch of beets (optional), 3 heads of lettuce, 1/2 lb. salad mix, 2 bunches scallions, 1 qt. sweet peas, 2 zucchini

August: 1 qt. beans, 8-12 ears sweet corn, 4 cucumbers, 2 eggplant, 1 bulb garlic, 4 peppers, 1.5 qts. potatoes, 5 tomatoes


Knox Road
Wednesday 4-9 PM
Knox Road
Wayne, PA

Old Eagle School Road
Wednesday 4-9 PM
Old Eagle School Road
Wayne, PA

On Farm
Friday 4-9 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM
441 W. Burkholer Drive
Lititz, PA


VEGETABLE SHARES: (22 week season)
Lititz Full Vegetable Share: $575
Lititz Partial Vegetable Share: $335

Wayne Full Vegetable Share: $600
Wayne Partial Vegetable Share: $360

June Sampler: Another option to consider, particularly for people who haven’t been part of our CSA yet, is signing up for just the month of June (4 weeks). And after sampling what the CSA is like, if they would like to continue, they may signup for the rest of the year at a pro-rated price, though share availability is not guaranteed. 

Price: $65 Half Share & $105 Full Share (Lititz)
         $70 Half Share & $110 Full Share (Wayne)

EGG SHARE: (22 weeks - 1 dozen per week)
Brown eggs, liad by free-ranging chickens fed GMO-, Antibiotic-, and chemical-free food whenever possible, which is usually all the time. (22 weeks), you’ll get 1 dozen eggs each week.
$75 per share (approx. $3.41/dozen)

Fruit Share: (several weeks throughout the summer)
This small fruit share will consist of a variety of in-season fruit, possibilities including blueberries, strawberries, peaches, apples, rhubarb, etc.
$60.00 per share


Fill out the form by clicking here for Lititz of here for Wayne and mail it along with your check to us. Once we receive your check, we’ll confirm you as a member and put you on the list.

To help us with our financial needs when we have the most, which is in the spring to pay for seeds, transplants, supplies, equipment, etc., please send your check as soon as possible. 

Shares are limited, so the sooner your mail us your application, the more sure you are of being included in this year’s CSA.

If you have any questions email us or give us a call anytime Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).

Jonathan and Monique Einwechter
FarmerJon@FirstWatchFarms.com 717-419-7611

Why aren’t there watermelons and cantaloupes on the list? The reasons for this are they take up a lot of ground, I’m not very experienced in growing nice, large ones, and with growing close to 40 different vegetables my mind can only take so much management. However, I’m planning to buy them in for you at least once.

Will there be much sweet corn? This crop is another one that takes a lot of acreage for the amount of produce it yields. It takes approximately 1-2 sq. ft. per ear of corn, and we all know how far 1 ear goes. However, on the same number of sq. ft., 4-6 servings of salad mix and several butternut squash could be grown. Homegrown, fresh sweet corn is almost unbeatable as a summer treat, though, so I’m planning to grow enough corn to give to you 1-3 times.